Our Marketplace for India

Our marketplace is simple, provides affordable programs, and is easy to use with the flexibility to be able to support global content vendors as well as Indian industry sector partners. The goal is to ensure that we are providing the best online education to all of India, whether you are looking for education to help you become more employable or you need to skill up your career. These efforts through our marketplace will help transform a country that will help support our world.

Partner Content

Our marketplace can be populated with supporting material so that our partners can include content they wish to be part of their offering. We provide this at no cost so that our partners are able to provide the best end product to their users.

Industry Specific

We are not only working to help leading partners provide better online learning through to their networks, we are also working to ensure there are industry specific programs that could be made available to industry groups which might not already be part of our established networks.

Benefits of using betterU Marketplace

There is a lot of work involved when establishing your own online learning marketplace. It is not simply about making content available. It is about bringing together quality educators through a system that will continue to grow. The biggest benefit to our partners is that it costs nothing to start working with us. We build a marketplace to help service a target audience. Our partners also have access to other relevant programs and as we continue to grow, so too does our partner’s network.

Why use betterU Marketplace

What good is an online learning marketplace without quality content, capable servers, and the ability to market programs and support your learners throughout? Our marketplace is comprehensive and robust; providing all of the tools and resources needed to support your online programs.

Our marketplace is for marketing and delivery

Our content partners already have established online programs and their own learning management system (LMS). We simply connect the Indian learner to the institution.

  • We provide international marketing support and development for the partnering institution
  • We market the online program through our own marketplace making it easy for potential learners to become informed of learning opportunities
  • We act as the upfront administrator; collecting learner registrations, payments and then directing the learner to the institution’s learning environment

It’s what’s behind the technology that counts!

Our Marketplace includes:

  • Content from top international institutions, including accredited programs
  • A localized integration with India’s banking system and payment structures
  • Details about each institution and their program offerings
  • An easy registration and access process
  • Access from desktop to mobile devices

Quality content from global leaders

  • Tap into education from multiple sectors
  • Learn skills from leading institutions
  • Receive certificates from top quality educators
  • Access and benefit from accredited programs

We only make money when our institutions make money!

  • There is zero cost for use of the betterU marketplace
  • We bare all costs of marketing, administration and delivery
  • Learner content costs vary depending on the program and partner