Our History

Founded in early 2013, this company was built on the foundation of years of developing methodologies, technologies and capabilities within the online education industry. While most competitors were focused on learning about e-learning, we began our vision for connecting global education with the Indian marketplace. Compounded with a professional team with experiences across project management, entertainment, education, global distribution fields and international markets, betterU was formed.

We are the Gateway / Marketplace for online education!

We are focused on partnering with leading content providers from around the world and then promoting / managing their quality online education in India. Our ‘Gateway’ has been designed to connect a learner from India directly into the learning environment of the global educator, once they have selected and purchased a program.  Our ‘Marketplace’ has been designed to represent our educators programs in the most professional manner. Content is displayed with the exact same details regarding their instructors, their institutions, course value and outlines, learner reviews, videos and more. The only difference is that not all online programs are added to betterU.in to ensure that the offering has been localized for the India learner.

Our approach is very simple. We have established a network that connects our global educators and their content through our marketplace making them accessible to the India marketplace. With our mass marketing campaigns, we drive millions of potential learners to betterU.in. From there, the learner after selecting, registering and purchasing the course is then moved seamlessly from our marketplace through our gateway into the learning environment of our educators. They are now a student of the global educator!
Globally, there is a significant knowledge base developed from industry leaders providing top quality education to students worldwide. Recruiting international students is the norm for most countries, but exporting international education is a new and uncertain approach for many. betterU works with education providers to make this transition risk free, simple and profitable.  Our focus is to provide quality education from all types of providers. This might include K-12, Professional Development, Accredited from Universities, Colleges, Associations as well as Career advancement and skills development courses.
betterU signed a 150 Crore (approx $30 million) marketing investment deal with Bennett Coleman Company Ltd. (Times Group) in 2015 that provides betterU with significant market visibility. This deal enables betterU to be promoted across upwards of 80% of the country by means of newsprint, radio, digital, TV, OHH and Medianet. The benefit of this deal brings awareness of our marketplace, our education partners’ programs to the mass population of the country on a weekly basis.

Our Partnerships are Relationships!

betterU’s business model is partnership based. We work closely with our partners to ensure we align the right content with the right learner.

In order to be truly successful with a business such as ours, the relationship between our partners needs to be strategic in nature and not simply a ‘buy/sell’ process. We understand that our partners’ brand, content, students, faculty and network are critical to their success, and as such we want you to understand that we pay careful attention to represent them properly and professionally. We have spent a long time working to build relationships with our key partners to foster trust, loyalty, commitment, understanding of who we are and how dedicated we are to everyone’s success. Our core values are clearly stated so that when we enter into a partnership, we are completely aligned. We care about results and making a difference.

The following are only a few examples of our partnerships.