betterU Connects Global Education to India

betterU is an education technology company with its head office located in Ottawa, Canada and its operating office in Mumbai, India. Our objective is to connect quality online education from global leading educators to the mass population of India. Through our Gateway / Marketplace and by leveraging a $30 million investment from BCCL (Times of India) this is made possible.

Online Education being offered

Our teams continually seek out online educators from around the world to help support our vision to provide education to all. Each time we partner with a new educator, their programs are added to our growing repository of learning.  Our focus includes partnering with online educators from KG – Grade 12, Skills Development, Professional Development, and Career Advancement who offer courses which allow the learner to ‘Learn on their own’ and / or ‘Learn from an instructor’. If you are interested in working with betterU, please fill out the online form to determine if your online programs would qualify.

Professional Development Courses
Higher Education Courses (Seeking)
KG – Grade 12 Courses (seeking)
Skills Development Courses (Seeking)

Partners to India

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and with this growth there is an increased need to access more quality education. We have spent years in building the infrastructure to be able to service the country’s growing learning needs and as such, understand what is required.


To provide online education to India, programs must be relevant to the market, localized as required, price sensitive, supported by available technologies and marketed based on industry realities.


We take care of everything except the hosting of the educator’s content. All the heavy lifting is done by us so that educators can focus on educating!


We market to 100 million people each week directing potential learners back to betterU’s marketplace. The learner selects, registers, purchases and is granted access our educators courses. 

betterU is leading the market

Many years ago betterU recognized that India was going to be a leading growth market for online education. With very little foreign online educators operating in India, betterU decided to lead the market in helping open up access to the population. This initiative required time and patience and in the end has positioned betterU to become the country’s online education leader by the end of 2016.

It is the fastest growing emerging market!

  • Education is one of the most important investments people in India will make.
  • Quality education is critical to the successful growth of anyone’s knowledge and skills.
  • The Indian Government has mandated to educate and skill up 500 million people by 2022.
  • India is focused on digitizing the country.
  • National Skills Development Corporation has a directive to educate and skill up 150 million people in India.
  • Online education is the only way these mandates can be accomplished.
  • India is expecting to double in online education sales from $20B to $40B by 2017.

Our long term vision is to provide these same opportunities on a global scale. Starting with India enables us to focus on proper development and delivery.

The proper infrastructure is required!

  • We have established an Indian entity in order to effectively do business in India.
  • We have the ability to collect from 200 different payment methods in India.
  • We have people on the ground in India.
  • We have the largest marketing reach for any online educator in India thanks to a $30M marketing investment.
  • We have established strong relationships with institutions, training partners and leaders across multiple sectors.

We are taking the leadership role!

  • We are focused on India.
  • We have spent many years researching and understanding how to bring international education to India.
  • We have built a marketplace focused specifically on education in India.
  • We have global leaders in education joining our marketplace.
  • We continue to grow our network of learners to support global institutions.
  • We are an asset light business that is able to scale quickly.

We believe our core business helps improve lives!

We create 5 billion impressions each year!

  • betterU has created, a robust e-learning marketplace specifically designed to function in India.
  • Our Times of India partnership helps us reach the mass market.
  • We are spending millions of dollars in marketing to bring awareness to our partners’ content.
  • We customize this marketplace for each of our India partners.
  • We market each institution’s brand and programs.
  • Our marketplace manages learner registration, course payment and connects the learner directly to their program of choice or back to the institution’s platform.
  • Our dynamic marketplace has been optimized for tablets, computers and smartphones.

We take care of all the details!


Brad’s passion towards his business is infectious, and that makes it fun to work with him. Transferable skill sets like strong leadership, high regard to ethics, discipline and dedication towards delivery & following through on promises, make Brad a great person to work with. I highly recommend Brad’s company as a partner.”
Ajay Ramasubraniam, Ontario Consulate General of Canada, Mumbai, India
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work that you put into your past company and the leadership you demonstrated in navigating your company. The vision and direction you shared with me were so on the spot that I wanted you to always consider our organization as an opportunity you could leverage.
Hindal Mirza, Ontario Center of Excellence
I wanted to thank you for all your past hard work and your leadership. It is because of your innovation, your vision and direction that we were successful together.
Anthony P. Sheehan, PMP, Ing., Macadamian Technologies